Top 10 Skateparks in the United States

Mon, 08/27/2012
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We scoured the country, in search of the most challenging, creative and historic skateparks. Among our Top Ten Skateparks are several legendary venues that generations of skaters have traveled from far and wide to experience.

We hope this diverse collection of parks inspires you to get  out there and shred!

1. Burnside Skatepark

Address: 2 SE 2nd Ave.
City: Portland, Ore.
Features: Bowls, wallrides, quarterpipes, vert wall, curved tranny, hips and bumps
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor but covered
Bombdecks Says: This legendary location has been featured in magazines, movies and Tony Hawk video games, and is easily the most acclaimed skate park on the planet. Old school skaters recognize Burnside as a symbolic landmark, representing the rebellious and ambitious skaters who built the park by hand, without permission from the City of Portland. Built in 1990, this iconic venue has seen over two decades of action, and still stands the test of time. 

2. Denver Skatepark

Address: 2205 19th Street
City: Denver, Colo.
Features: Multiple-sized bowls, ledges, banks, handrails, hips, pyramid, hubbas, bank-to-wall, bank-to-ledges, euro gap, humps, bumps and flatbars
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor
Bombdecks Says: This park scores major points for both setting and variety. Located just north of downtown Denver, the spawling skate mecca features panoramic views of the Rockies, as well as a diverse street course with banks, hips, ledges and a collection of bowls to suit every skill level. 

3. Lincoln City Skatepark

Address: NE 22nd St & NE Reef Ave.
City: Lincoln City, Ore.
Features: Bowls, over-vert cradle, transitions, quarterpipes, hips, bumps and wallrides
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor with covered bits
Bombdecks Says: Lincoln City has grown to become the largest park in all of Oregon, and is one of the most diverse and all-inclusive in the country. There are essentially 5 separate parks that each have their own flavor of obsacles, which accoomodates all styles and skill levels. 

4. FDR Skatepark

Address: Off of Broad St. in South Philadelphia, directly under Interstate-95, Philadelphia 19148 
City: Philadelphia, Penn.
Features: Bowls, hips, vert walls, pyramids, quarterpipes and bowled corners
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor but partially covered
Bombdecks Says: Following the tradition of  Burnside in Portland, FDR skatepark was built by a crew of ambitious skaters. Well known for its July 4th events, FDR is a frequent stop for skaters traveling the North East corridor of I-95. 

5. Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

Address: 2305 S. White Rd.
City: San Jose, Calif.
Features: Multiple-sized bowls, ledges, banks, handrails, hips, pyramid, hubbas, vert wall, cradle, humps, fullpipe and flatbars
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor
Bombdecks Says: Cunningham is loaded with gnarly obstacles, including a full pipe for those brave enough to attempt a full loop. Made famous by the Aero Bubbles candy bar commercial featuring Bob Burnquist, this park truly has something for everyone. 

6. Venice Beach Skatepark

Address: 1800 Ocean Front Walk
City: Venice, Calif.
Features: Bowls, hubbas, ledges, stairs, handrail, double-set, banks, channel, humps, quarterpipes and curvy flatbar
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor
Bombdecks Says: This park, located adjacent to Venice Beach, showcases an extensive street course and views of the Pacific Ocean. While not the most technically challenging venue, the oceanside locale and California vibe makes it a one of a kind experience. 

7. Skatepark of Tampa (S.P.O.T.)

Address: 4215 East Columbus Drive
City: Tampa, Fla.
Features: The S.P.O.T. is constantly changing its setup, but there are always pyramids, handrail, quarterpipes, ledges, flatbars, an outdoor vert ramp and banks
Indoor/outdoor: Indoor and outdoor
Bombdecks Says: S.P.O.T. has hosted annual pro and am contests since it opened in 1993, and it's been featured in loads of videos over the years. With both pro and beginner courses, it has something for riders of all levels.

8. Kona Skatepark

Address: 8739 Kona Ave.
City: Jacksonville, Fla.
Features: Bowls, snakerun, transitions, humps, vert wall, vert ramp, mini ramp, pyramids, ledges and quarterpipes
Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor
Bombdecks Says: Kona was created in the 1970s, and is the oldest private skatepark in the U.S. This park features old-school obstacles like the snake run, but has added a healthy dose of modern features as well. 


9. Louisville Extreme Park

Address: 148 N. Clay St.
City: Louisville, Ky.
Features: Full pipe, bowls, ledges, hubbas, quarterpipes, manual pads, vert ramp, handrails and pyramids
Bombdecks Says: In its 10th year of operation, Louisville Extreme Park features a famed 24-foot concrete pipe. With a great variety of street-style, transition style and vert, no skater will leave dissapointed. 

10. Vans Skatepark

Address: 20 City Blvd W. Bldg. A. Suite 2
City: Orange, Calif.
Features: Ledges, bowls, hubbas, handrails, banks, quarterpipes, mini ramp, vert ramp, pyramid, euro gap and flatbars
Indoor/outdoor: Indoor
Bombdecks Says: The Vans brand name has been a staple for years, so it's no surprise that since the company opened this park in 1999, it's been a long-standing favorite for skaters far and wide. Featuring an upland combi-bowl and an expensive wooden street course, skaters of all styles and skill levels will be thoroughly challenged and entertained. 

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